Leah O'Connor, Director

Leah O'Connor has had the pleasure to serve as CHSAP's Program Director since August of 2009. Leah holds a Bachelors from SUNY Potsdam in Psychology and Elementary Education and a Master's degree from Syracuse University in Special Education, and she can't remember a time when she didn't want to work with children. CHSAP has been a perfect fit for Leah and she thanks the board for this wonderful opportunity to serve children in an out-of-classroom setting. Leah is a lifelong Ithacan and attended CHES elementary school when it still housed Elizabeth Anne Clune Montessori. Leah is married to her partner of 10 years, Gretchen, and they are raising twin boys, Gabriel and Luka. Leah and Gretchen recently bought a house in Cayuga Heights and welcomed Leah's 96 year old grandmother into their home. The intergenerational home is now complete with 2 mamas, 2 boys, 2 cats, and 1 great-grandmother(and she is a really GREAT great grandmother)! Leah's greatest joys in life are her family and her work and she feels privileged to be able to take care of your children as a career.


The staff of CHSAP bring years of experience to this unique program. All staff are trained and certified according to New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). We utilize staff from Cayuga Heights Elementary School, ICSD Employees, students from local colleges and universities, as well as local Ithacans.

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