A Typical Day At CHSAP

2:00 pm: The students come from their classrooms to the cafeteria, and check in by grade level. 

Each student finds a basket in which to place his or her personal belongings.

2:15 pm: The students are directed outside or to the gym for free play.

3:00 pm: A snack is provided for the students.

3:30 pm: After snack, the children are free to play in the cafeteria, outside, or in the gym with permission from our staff. The children may choose from a variety of activities throughout the afternoon until their parents and/or guardians come into the cafeteria to sign them out. Help with homework is offered during this time as well.

5:00pm: Community clean up.

5:30pm: CHSAP is closed. See you tomorrow!

The staff at the afterschool program will never exceed a 1:10 ratio as per New York State law.