CHSAP 2019 Summer Page

Camp is back!! August 19th-23rd and 

August 26th-20th(full) 2019!!

Registration forms are below:

We are excited about the schedule for this summer and looking forward to lots of fun in the sun! We've been planning away and cannot believe the end of summer is approaching.

Some general camp information:

CHSAP is open from 8 am – 5:30 pm.  We are located at Cayuga Heights Elementary School at the back entrance of the school. Our phone number is 257-0368 if you need to contact us.  See the daily schedule for departure and arrival times back to camp for field trip days.    We provide both a morning and afternoon snack.  

Please bring to camp everyday:

1.     Lunch

2.     Extra snacks if your child is picky or needs to eat more often.

3.     Extra set of clothes

4.     Sunscreen – we can make sure they put it on, but they need to use their own.

5.     Bathing suit and towel and appropriate shoes for field trip days.

 Each child will have a laundry basket where they can leave supplies or take home with them.  The schedules attached will show the "planned activities".  There is also lots of free choice at CHSAP to play games both inside and out and create their own fun.

Feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone soon

Leah and Michele and the rest of the CHSAP team!

WEEK 1 AT CHSAP:  Our schedule will be posted in July of 2018 - below is last year's schedule if you would like an idea of our "typical day" schedule.

August 21st :

There is a solar eclipse happening and we will be at CHSAP all day to celebrate and view the partial eclipse that we will be able to see here in Ithaca. We have ordered special glasses for the viewing and will have activities all day related to the one in a life time event! So excited about this and the anticipation of this cool celestial event is huge...

According to my research for the Ithaca area:

Begins- 1:17pm



Parents are welcome to come join us while we watch. I've ordered glasses for CHSAP campers and staff, there won't be enough for adults joining us. From the reading I have done you must watch this with protective eye ware. Please see if you can get your own if you are joining us. We will be serving moon cheese and moon cookies for the event!

AUGUST 22nd;

Old Fashion Day. We will be at CHSAP all day celebrating the wonder of yesteryear. Complete with Croquet, a game of jacks, Old Fashion Ice Cream making, a marionette show and special guest bringing old fashioned toys for us to play with. Plus more fun!

Marionette show is at 11am

Old Fashioned Toys 2-4pm

AUGUST 23rd-

We will return to one of the regions most amazing parks Taughnock Park. We will swim, have a kick ball tournament, play on the play ground, skip rocks and more! I always take a group to see walk up to the falls we have so much fun along the way that we usually run out of time to make it all the way to see the falls. Let's see what this year hold, will we make it to the falls or not? Stay tuned for the answer!

Bus Departs CHSAP at 10am

Returns to CHSAP at 3:30

Please be sure to pack swim suits, towels, sunscreen and water shoes (or shoes that can go in the water) that day.

August 24th- 

K-2 will attend superhero day at CHSAP. The will make capes, masks, paint their faces (please let us know if you DONTwant your kids face painted.) We will be building a cityscape  at the end of the day a photographer will be coming into to a photo shoot with our super hero's in their super hero glory flying through the city.

3-6 Will be headed to the swim club to swim, play ping pong and hang out and chill out as the summer winds down. The older kids will be walking to the swim club, please be sure they are prepared for the walk and have swim suit, towels, sunscreen and change of clothes

K-2 will be at CHSAP all day. Older kids at Swim Club of Ithaca

AUGUST 25th-

We will return to Taughnock for the day. We have nature crafts planned, a soccer tournament will happen and swimming. Another chance to make it to the waterfall, get 6 skips of a rock instead of 3 and lots of swimming.

Depart CHAP 10am

Return CHSAP 3:30pm

campers need sunscreen, swim suit, water shoes (or shoes that can go in the water) change of clothes.



Story Teller Regi Carpenter will tell stories at 10am 

Kids will learn how to put up tents at CHSAP and see other camping gear

We will have smores by the camp fire (Actually electric smore maker)

We will be at CHSAP all day

AUGUST 29th-

Camp fire songs with Judy Stock (former CHSAP counselor and local perfomer)

Nature crafts

Dodgeball games 

MUCH, MUCH more fun!


AUGUST 30th-

3-6thgraders will head to Taughnock camping area and set up tents in the camps grounds. We will also be meeting with DEC staff that will be leading a safe hiking and map skills group.

K-2 will be swimming doing nature crafts, etc down at swimming area

Depart CHSAP at 9:30am 

Return CHSAP at 4pm

AUGUST 31st-

CHSAP tradition of MUD DAY continues! We will have a huge mud pile, toys, spoons and buckets in the mud to play in. We will also have field days for the kids not so into the mud...

We will also have our annual HOLI FESTIVAL at the end of mud day. Those of you that have been to CHSAP camp before know what that means. We will throw colors on each other in the tradition of HOLI. (the colors are made of corn starch, cosmetic grade dyes, won't harm the grass of skin)

This a messy, messy day. Please send a change of clothes or 2 and be sure your ready for a messy child in your car....

September 1st-

Our final day at Taughnock.

K-2 will meet with DEC for safe hiking/map skills session

3-6th will be swimming, playing games, nature crafts etc.

Depart CHSAP at 9:30am

Return CHSAP at 4:00pm





110 East Upland Road

Ithaca, NY 14850



Phone: (607)257-0368



Director: Leah O’Connor


Leah O'Connor,
May 3, 2019, 1:30 PM